A Walk in the Village: 15 Captions for 15 Pictures of Trees

Many people outside of New York don't think of New York this way. There's so much nature. It's so pretty. And even for New Yorkers, the advent of these trees in blossom come as a miraculous surprise.
Even a mundane walk on 6th Avenue takes on a new aspect under a canopy of blossoming trees. Most all the trees shown in these pictures are callery pears.
Cars look more offensive in the city in bloom. Stop. Do not enter.
The white callery pears add additional ornamentation to New York's many older buildings.
The trees steal all the light, forcing the street below into dark shadows.
Zooming in with the camera - a couple walks down the sidewalk, a taxi pulls to a stop. Several narratives are in motion.
At an intersection on a vast avenue, a tree announces itself.
Some West Village streets keep their sense of privacy, as if they are unknown to outsiders.
More trees steal the light, throwing the dark toward the pavement below. If you are in New York this week and next, you may want to go out and look at the trees. They don't last forever this way.
Walk without a preconceived itinerary. Walk toward the horizon line. Beyond the green trees here - the Hudson River.
I don't think we ever look at trees the same way as we look at them in blossom. Well, maybe in the fall. They cast a lovely ghostly glow in the streets at night, but they're hard to photograph that way.
The white blossoms push the house's darkly-painted entrance into a deeper sanctuary.
OK, so this looks like New York in the movies. Back in the cold days of winter, the residents would mostly see just one another. Now, with the advent of beautiful weather, we learn we have to share the sidewalks and streets with many new visitors. It can be a little disconcerting and even a little sad.
Every well-appointed brick apartment building should have its own tree.

So, the New York that's the fall and winter, the city where we snuggled inside against the cold, has come to an end. The city has turned itself inside out. (Images by Walking Off the Big Apple from the late afternoon of April 3, 2010.) 

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