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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!

Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
A visual journey exploring the birds of Inwood and Northern Manhattan

Gucci, Prada, and Pucci on Fifth Avenue: Thoughts Outside the Box

Ready to Wear, If I Can Find It: Shopping for My Personal Style

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After the Closing Bell, A Protest March Against the Wall Street Bailout

10 New Books of Interest for the New York State of Mind: On Modernism, Landmarks, the Brooklyn Genius, Pancakes, Pre-Punk History, and more

The New York Trattoria

Fractured Fairytales: The Concealed Pastorals of Cecily Brown

J.P. Elephant: Drawing Babar at the Morgan

Two Hotels for Foodies and Literary-Minded New York Visitors: The Evelyn and The Library

Extreme Quotes on Wall Street, and The Mayor's Vision for New York City 2.0

New York 1900: Edith Wharton and The House of Mirth, A Walk and a Map

Strolling the Museum Mile (and a Half) and Contemplating the Current Financial Crisis (Slideshow)

Walking Off the Wall Street Bears, Part II: The Crisis at Lehman Brothers, and You

New York in The House of Mirth: Social Class, Money, and Speculations on Wall Street

The New York of Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth: Introduction to a Walk

Homage to Pâte à Choux: French Pastry South of 14th Street

Henry James' Uneasy Homecoming to Washington Square

The Making of the Monumental Metropolis: New York and the École des Beaux Arts

More Curiosities from Nooks and Corners of Old New York (1899)

An Exterior View of the New York Stock Exchange, On a Day the Dow Dropped 344.65 Points

Charles Hemstreet's Nooks and Corners of Old New York: Lessons in Mortality

Living Now in the New York of the Gilded Age: Inheriting the Built Environment of the Nineteenth Century