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Still Photographs from a City on Pause

Still here. That's the best thing to say in a city at a standstill. The city has become a still photograph. In a city known as a center for television and motion pictures, there's little motion. Looking out the window, there's often little movement of humans on the street. The birds are active. They fly from nests to windowsills and from trees to other trees. Yes, occasionally there's a person walking, a delivery truck arriving, or an emergency vehicle zooming past. Most mornings begin with the sounds of birds. Spring storms have brought some variation to the still scenes outside, and in a slow fade, the springtime is making itself known. It's been good to open the window and smell the rain and fresh air. There have been a few moments of absurdity in my neighborhood. The regular guys still assemble at the bodega across the street, sipping beer out of cans in paper bags. They don't move much, but they will run off their mouths. This past Tuesday