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A Walk for Late Summer: Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach

For a late summer strolling fling, consider a walk through the neighboring beach communities of Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach , both on the eastern shores of Coney Island. It's always pleasant to walk alongside the deep blue vistas of an ocean, but here, unlike in remote seaside locations away from the city, the seascape mixes with the sounds and sights of civilizations from distant shores. Beyond the amusing mechanical thrills of Coney Island's Luna Park and the splashy aquarium, a walk east on the boardwalk gradually reveals a change of atmosphere. With every step, one overhears the spoken languages of the former Soviet Union, especially the sounds of Russia. The feeling of an Old World émigré community graces the boardwalk.

An Architectural Guide to NYC's Summer Streets, 2013 Edition

(updated for 2013) For three consecutive Saturday mornings in August, the city of New York shuts down Park Avenue and connecting streets from Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park to vehicular traffic so that residents and visitors alike may enjoy the streets without the presence of cars and trucks. In Summer Streets , a popular program of NYC DOT, many ride bicycles, some walk, and a few skate, but by whatever preferred means of transportation thousands of New Yorkers have been taking advantage of the Saturdays to exercise and to explore the streets in this novel way. looking south to the Helmsley Building and the MetLife Building. Lever House is on the right. Summer Streets for August 2013 will take place  August  3, 10, and 17 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. As usual, there will be many exercise classes, fitness sessions, and demonstrations along the way.