In July of 2007, after walking many miles in the city, I launched Walking Off the Big Apple: A Strolling Guide to New York City.

Engaging my interdisciplinary interests and background as a former student and teacher of American Studies, I started writing many themed posts on various figures in New York arts and letters - Greta Garbo, Georgia O'Keeffe, Sylvia Plath, Henry James, Raymond Hood, the Marx Brothers, among many others, as well as walks centered on important fictional characters like Holly Goligthly, Lily Bart, and Mame Dennis. I also struck out to many parts of the city I had not yet explored.

Since the early days, Walking Off the Big Apple quickly expanded to include many meditations on literary history, urban planning, architecture, and the visual arts. Many of the posts are linked to an idea, as I think walking stimulates philosophical questions. I'm after nothing less than the re-enchantment of the city.

Thanks so much for visiting.

Enjoy your journeys wherever you may live.

- Teri

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Teri Tynes works as a web content strategist and digital marketing consultant for arts organizations, film publications, higher education, arts management, and faith-based communications. She is based in New York City. Email: teritynes@gmail.com

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