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After the First Snow in New York

The first snow of the season in New York City fell this past Saturday, and the snow kept falling and deepening into the early evening and late into the night.

The snow came down thick and wet, covering branches of trees and rocks and buildings with heavy layers of white frosting.

Many New Yorkers greet the first snow of the season with joy, followed by a quick caveat that we'll grow weary with each subsequent event.

It's the holidays, of course. New York looks great dressed up for the winter season. The following day, a Sunday, turned bright and blue. The snow still clung to the trees, including the cut trees in the holiday stands.

Side streets are the best way to explore the city. On the Upper West Side, the gift of snow added a nice touch to old townhouse gates and doors.

Even if it was hard to pick out a tree under a heavy blanket of snow.

The snow usually has a way of muffling the troubles of the world, but on the first Monday following the snow, the city woke up to news o…