Snow Day: Washington Square Park

From Winter 2009

Some days are quiet in Greenwich Village, bespeaking the village origins of this community in lower Manhattan. The early mornings are almost always peaceful here, given over to runners and people walking their dogs, but gradually, the area around Washington Square Park picks up momentum when students start arriving for morning classes. On days with nice weather, the park is crowded by noon. When the weather really warms up in late spring, the area becomes a destination for residents and visitors alike to mill around the park, dine in cafes and restaurants, and drink in the pubs, bars, and taverns until the wee hours of the morning. But, on some days like today, with a major snow storm to keep people inside, life in the Village seems little different than in a rural hamlet.

Image: Washington Square Park, southeast corner, noon, after a major snowfall. March 2, 2009. The rust-colored building on the right is NYU's Bobst Library (Elmer Holmes Bobst), designed by Philip Johnson and Richard Foster, opened in 1973.


  1. Anonymous2:05 AM

    this is just what I wanted to see... thank you for the pictures and hope it warms up today...


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