This Week on Walking Off the Big Apple: Walking In Central Park

After two weeks in darkened movie theaters, I'm anxious to spend time out of doors. So, for the coming week, I'm transferring the WOTBA operation to Central Park. I'll look for good places to "work," testing out the WiFi access, snapping images of the park in spring, walking the Mall, the reservoir, Belvedere Castle, and the Bethesda Fountain, and so forth, and discovering new places. The weather looks good this week, and I figure there's plenty to do.

My plan is to take the subway to the edges of the park each day and then start walking and exploring. I want to try some new things, such as recording ambient sounds, making a few moving images, sketching again, revisiting sights I photographed in winter, and befriending zoo animals.

With over 240 movies featuring the park, the park is either a glamorous and beautiful pastoral island of nature amidst the concrete jungle or a magnet for psychopaths of criminal intent. I hope I don't visit the latter. The walks, I'm sure, will lead us down several different paths.

So, a new walk begins.

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