Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!

Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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E. 13th Street, While Walking a Film Festival (Small Slideshow)

This week I'll be thinking and writing a lot about film, and as previously mentioned on this site, please visit Reframe and learn about that what exciting things they are up to. On Walking Off the Big Apple, I'm hoping to share what I learn as a pedestrian walking by the venues as well as to keep you informed of some fun public events.

E. 13th Street is still find of funky/pretty Village in spirit, even when near to Fifth Ave. Today, I walked from the Tribeca hub-hub filmmaker and press offices to see a screening at the Village East Cinemas and then back again. The opulent theater at the corner of 2nd Ave. at 12th St. opened in 1926, in the heyday of Jewish Rialto District, and it still maintains a lot of its early aura. The last time I was in the theatre was to see Brand Upon the Brain, a mind-blowing experiment in contemporary silent cinema by filmmaker Guy Madden. His new film, My Winnipeg, showing at the festival, is a part-fictional homage to his hometown, mixing different types of documentary and narrative genres.

Walking back west along 13th Street, I stopped to see what others were looking in one particular window. A nice doggie day spa, it was, with the cutest best friends you have ever seen. Also along that stretch - intriguing restaurants, macrobiotic, Italian, and others, all open to the fresh air. It's 80 degrees today.


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