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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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Classic New York: Times Square

The Times Square area, famously cleaned up from its XXX days, to some people's chagrin, still attracts visitors like lemmings. I don't have many occasions to walk through this dizzying streetscape, but when I happen upon Times Square, my stress level hits at least the orange zone.

It's hard for my brain to handle all the multiple moving images projected onto jumbo screens, the crawling ticker of news items, the flashing colors, and the onrush of pedestrians. One day I will spin into a vortex, collapse upon the pavement, and succumb to massive trampling by high heels, boots and sneakers. If I survive, I will move to Iowa.

Leaving Macy's, I headed up Broadway at 34th St. and then through Times Square to 44th Street. I wandered around the Theatre District for awhile, fighting for a bit of the pavement with those leaving the theaters after matine├ęs. I encountered many tour guides attempting to keep their groups together, confusing when everyone seems to be a part of some tour. It would be easy to get lost and switch tours accidentally, winding back up at the wrong hotel with a different group of strangers.

Images: Daytime nightmares at Times Square. Walking Off the Big Apple, April 9, 2008. I hope this picture is big enough for everyone to see.
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