Walking Off New York Food Distance Chart

Starting in Battery Park (BP) and continuing north on Broadway, please find the distance up Broadway needed to walk off common New York foods for a 140 pound person walking at a moderate pace (approx.):

slice pepperoni pizza (200 cal) = BP to W. 3rd St. (1.9 miles)
cafe latte grande (260 cal) = BP to Union Square Park (2.5 miles)
bagel (320 cal) = BP to W. 25th St. (3 miles)
chocolate croissant (340 cal) = BP to W. 29th St. (3.25 miles)
pad thai (380 cal) = BP to W. 35th St. (3.5 miles)
black and white cookie (430 cal) = BP to W. 45th St. (4 miles)
NY cheesecake (480 cal) = BP to W. 54th St. (4.5 miles)
pastrami sandwich (1010 cal) = BP to W. 150th St. (9.5 miles)

Remember that next time you are at Katz's. I will.


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