Introducing Sailing Off the Big Apple

Since 2007, I’ve been writing Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City. I’m pleased to introduce you to a new sister blog, Sailing Off the Big Apple, a boating guide to New York City. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.

Sailing Off the Big Apple

From the introductory post, Setting Sail:

“Expect posts on practical matters such as how to take a NYC Ferry, sightseeing tips for places near ferry landings, surveys of developments from the water, a few sailing lessons (I’m taking them), island explorations (City Island, Staten Island, Roosevelt Island, Coney Island, etc.), sunset sails, excursions up the Hudson River, a little beach fun, sightings of large cruise vessels, resources for sailing tourism, history posts, maritime museums, warnings about climate change, lots of oysters, and general navigational guides. As with Walking Off the Big Apple, you’ll also see lots of pictures and maps.”

Other new posts on the site include a visit to the Noble Maritime Collection on Staten Island, waterfront developments before and after Hurricane Sandy, and how to ride the NYC Ferry.

The site includes a NYC Boats and Tours page with many resources and links for exploring New York City by boat.

Walking Off the Big Apple will continue to write new posts and stroll the streets. If you’re looking a boat, now you know where to sail.

Thank you! - Teri Tynes, creator and writer of Walking Off the Big Apple and now, Sailing Off the Big Apple.

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