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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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Winter in New York: A Sugary Snow for a Friday Evening

It started snowing last evening around the time of the Friday commute home. The wind blew the snow around, like a whirl of granulated sugar. The snow sparkled as it fell and settled in small drifts.

The Village looks picturesque in snow. A walk around indicated that many people who ventured out into the snow - and it was a cold and windy evening - found ways to have some fun with it. For others, the snow just meant extra work and extra time getting home from work. It was hard to walk on this sweet stuff falling to the earth.

Images by Walking Off the Big Apple from January 25, 2013. Around Greenwich Village. Clicking on the pictures enlarges them.


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    What clear, inviting photos! I want to throw on my boots and scarf and frolic in the lights!


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