Updates: Forward Building in the News with Tatum O'Neal Drug Bust

A quick celebrity news item, only because of its relevance to recent developments on this website: Actress Tatum O'Neal, 44, was arrested Sunday evening, June 1, for attempting to purchase crack cocaine from a homeless drug dealer. The arrest took place in the Lower East Side on Clinton Street between Grand Street and East Broadway. She should have limited her purchases to her neighborhood's excellent baked goods.

News stories, such as this one in the New York Post, reveal that the actress had been living in the Forward Building on East Broadway in the Lower East Side. Readers of Walking Off the Big Apple will be familiar with the building from my description of this former home of the Yiddish-language socialist newspaper in a recent walk. In addition, those who have read Richard Price's new book, Lush Life, a crime story set on the lower East Side, will find in this arrest the familiar themes of cocaine and upscale gentrification evoked in the novel.

Housekeeping items: I've updated the maps for a couple of recent self-guided walks: See the updated (lower) Lower East Side map at the post on Hester Street, and the map with Before the Whale: Ishmael Takes a Walk in Manhattan. Also, please note the addition of the Big Apple Newsreel in the sidebar featuring current news headlines in various categories.

Image: Forward Building, May 2008. Walking Off the Big Apple.

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