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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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Dining Near Washington Square Park, Revised and Updated

Please see the revised and updated dining guide to Washington Square Park by following this link.

(Revised November 2011) Visitors to Greenwich Village may enjoy some of these food options around Washington Square Park. The list of places is particularly suited for visiting NYU.

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As someone who lives near Washington Square Park, I've enjoyed many of the nearby cafés, tiny eateries, bakeries and restaurants. This map points to places that range from very expensive to everyday fare. While finances don't allow frequent visits to the high end places like Blue Hill, Il Mulino, Cru, or Babbo, they come highly recommended. I'm trying to keep this list confined to a few blocks from the park. Still, I am tempted to add places just a block or two farther away - Jane's on Houston, for example. Lupa, on Thompson Street near Houston, is consistently excellent.

I regularly visit Marumi for excellent sushi, La Lanterna di Vittorio for pizza and desserts (the garden out back stays open even in winter), Dojo for affordable everyday fare, Think Coffee and Joe for coffee, and Sam's Falafel. For brunch, I always enjoy North Star, the restaurant associated with the Washington Square Hotel. Order the "sampler," with eggs, chicken apple sausages, potatoes and pancakes. Their bread basket is beautiful. Try to make reservations for jazz brunch.


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