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Walking and Knitting At the Same Time, and News About Red Velvet Cakes

(Ed. update- The Point, the knitting cafe described below, closed in late April 2009.)

While I was walking across an intersection in the Village a few days ago, I passed a young woman who was walking and knitting at the same time. Not only was she in the process of knitting mittens, using the three-needle method, she also wore two other knitted mittens strung around her neck. It was obvious she had also knitted the cap on her head. She looked completely happy. When I reached the sidewalk, I turned around and just stared with amazement at the disappearing figure of this one-woman knitting machine.

I haven't a clue how to knit mittens, but I am getting professional help in all knitting matters by visiting The Point Knitting Cafe on Bedford Street. I can make my way through knitting a scarf all by myself, but starting and finishing a sweater on circular needles requires some hand-holding. I've brought home some beautiful yarn, a recommended book, new bamboo needles, and importantly some confidence that I can make a sweater before the year 2012.

Among the baked goods for sale at The Point, I've seen some delicious-looking red velvet cupcakes, the very mention of which, based on experience, should send this particular post soaring in popularity.

I think it's the name - red (power and passion) velvet (sexy tactile luxury) cupcakes (cute and edible) that drive people, mainly women, wild. Some chocolate is involved. Out of fun, I've just now gone over to Blogger and started a website titled Red Velvet Cakes. The whole process took five minutes. The blog has nothing on it yet, but I know it will be popular.

Back to knitting. The Edith Piaf biopic, La Vie En Rose, portrays the legendary petite chanteuse (played brilliantly by Marion Cotillard) as a fool for knitting, and I think she could probably walk, knit, and sing at the same time, even while high.

Image: The doorman didn't want me to leave the building the other day, because he thought I had too much dog hair on my jacket. I'm now knitting a scarf out of a textured tweedy wool that would naturally blend and incorporate the hairs of a terrier.

The Point Knitting Café (link)
La Vie En Rose (official movie site)


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