Introducing Birds of Inwood

Introducing a New Website

It's been a moment since I posted last. Please forgive me. I have been in the forest down the street.

After spending many of my leisure hours taking photographs of birds in my local neighborhood of Inwood, I am introducing to you a new website featuring these beautiful and often enigmatic creatures.

It's called Birds of Inwood.

As I write there, "Inwood is my Amherst." With time, my advancing age, and the pandemic, I have learned to find depth and beauty in places close to home. 

I have also found to my delight that designing a new website presents great opportunities. Birds of Inwood is pretty flashy! The birds are even larger than life on these new pages! Please visit.

You'll be glad I didn't call it "Flying Off the Big Apple."

Check out my forest home.

- Teri


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