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A Sunny Walk in Central Park: From the Met to Columbus Circle

In sunny weather, especially on a surprisingly warm day in mid-winter, Central Park functions like a powerful magnet. The park's natural features, attractions, winding paths, and secluded corners offer a myriad of options for collectively reveling in the gift of a beautiful day. It's fun to whimsically follow a path for a long walk or to find a sunny spot to lie down and do nothing.

The steps of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

On this past weekend in Central Park, the three-day weekend for Presidents Day coincided with unseasonably warm and sunny weather. People looked more relaxed than usual, less frantic perhaps with the knowledge of an extra day to goof off or get the chores done.

Bethesda Terrace

Sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and watching people walk by was a good choice. And, then when that was done, either dip back inside the museum to see an exhibition or walk in some random direction in Central Park, perhaps to Bethesda Terrace and the fountain or to a large expanse of lawn.

The Mall, Central Park

Or, walk the Central Park Mall. The Mall/Literary Walk is where New Yorkers who stroll still go strolling. The straight lines leading south from Bethesda Terrace provide a formal promenade structure for a public walk, like the boulevards in the cities or even a runway at a fashion show. In Central Park's Mall, the walker is more keenly aware of being observed.

Panorama of The Mall, Central Park

The trees here are aligned in neat rows, as if to remind the mortals in their midst to mind their postures. Even the trees are watching.

The Mall, with the melting snow

At the southern end of the Mall, the boulevardiers disperse at the Olmsted Flower Bed, near the statue of William Shakespeare, and people go hither and thither.

Midwinter light on a sunny warm day in Central Park

On this bright weekend day, wanderers found a low patch of green lawn on which to sit, a playground in which to play, and a large section of high rock to climb and conquer.

Wandering south by southwest, and a stray ball

There were bridges to cross and trees to admire that danced with the warm daylight. A stroll from the steps of the Met to the Maine Monument at Columbus Circle was one good option for a sunny weekend afternoon, as it would be for any day with admirable weather.

The light lingers.

The walk shown here is approximately 1.75 miles, with many planned breaks for sitting on various lawns, rocks, and benches.

End of the walk at the Maine Monument

Images by Walking Off the Big Apple from Saturday, February 18, 2017.

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