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A Walk in Central Park from Cedar Hill to W. 69th Street and Central Park West

A perennial post first published in 2016...

The Central Park walk featured here is accompanied by pictures of seasonal scenes from late October, but as with most walks in New York's famous park, the stroll can be undertaken at any time of year. Highlights include Cedar Hill, Conservatory Water, the Hans Christian Andersen statue, The Lake, and Bow Bridge. The walk ends in a pretty landscaped area on the west side of Central Park at W. 69th Street.

On Cedar Hill in Central Park

An autumn day with ample sunshine and mild temperatures does bring out the crowds and adventurous boaters, whether rowing in the Lake or steering a model boat in Conservatory Water, so solitary sorts may want to wait for a grayer and colder day.

Conservatory Water

It's still mostly green in mid- to late October. The deep autumn colors of the season typically arrive in New York City in very late October, around Halloween, and into the first couple of weeks in November. The yellows come out first, then the oranges and deep reds. The day of the New York Marathon is often peak time for leaf watching in the park, though it may be one of the most challenging days to plan a visit.

Hans Christian Andersen statue in Central Park

By Thanksgiving Day, cold fronts will leave many deciduous trees bereft of leaves, but a few of them will hang on to their autumn finery.

Boaters in The Lake, Central Park

By mid-to-late October, the lowering sun casts long shadows across the park. Begin on the sloping meadow of Cedar Hill just south of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where time often seems to slow down and then freeze into picturesque scenes.

The Lake with the Boathouse in the distance

Walking through Central Park in late October shimmers with the mysteries of a liminal exploration. The New York of sunlight and summer fades slowly into the nights and lights of the holidays. Catch the city on the threshold of a new season.

Bow Bridge, one of the most photographed bridges in Central Park

The Lake and the towers of The San Remo, between 74th and 75th Streets on Central Park West

Bonus Halloween adventure:
If visiting the area on Halloween night, continue walking west on W. 69th Street to enjoy the street's lavishly decorated and scary townhouses.

Halloween decorations on W. 69th Street, on the first block west of Central Park

Images by Walking Off the Big Apple from October 23, 2016.

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