Pictures from 70 Days of Walks: Days 50 - 56

The week began and ended with variable winds, blowing so strong that I felt myself trapped within endless whirlwind loops walking through SoHo and NoHo. It snowed Monday, and while many of us would rather press on with springtime, the snow itself was on the pretty side. One clear and calm day I escaped the neighborhood vortex and walked downtown to Bowling Green. After Monday's snow it seemed  the veil of winter was beginning to lift a little, mercifully, finally. Soon, the long winter will blow itself away.

W. 8th, morning, wind
Day 50. W. 8th Street, Greenwich Village, early morning.  

SoHo corner, evening
Day 51. SoHo, Spring and Wooster Streets. This image, by the way, is made with the new SoHo Pak for the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone.  I thought I would give it a try in the actual SoHo.

Washington Square Park, February snow
Day 52. Washington Square Park, snow

Schermerhorn Building
Day 53. Schermerhorn Building in NoHo, corner Lafayette and Great Jones St. 1888-1889, designed by Henry J. Hardenbergh. See the post from this week, Buildings to Know in NoHo for many more great buildings nearby.

Bowling Green
Day 54. Bowling Green, to the left, and to the right, steps of the old Custom House, now National Museum of the American Indian. Look at that light. See? That light wants to be springtime light.

Charles Ives House
Day 55 The composer Charles Ives lived in this house on W. 11th St. in Greenwich Village from 1908 to 1911. While living here he worked on some of his most significant works, including "Holidays Symphony" and "Three Places in New England."

SoHo evening
Day 56 Subway, Broadway & Prince St. SoHo. An extraordinary windy night with a High Wind Warning issued by the National Weather Service. I'm headed to the Savoy restaurant in the next block straight ahead. Beyond the restaurant, in the aqua tint of early evening you see in the distance, is Springtime. Believe it. It's there. 

Images by Walking Off the Big Apple from February 19-25, 2011. A few more pix from the week are posted on Flickr WOTBA in this set.

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