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Pictures from 70 Days of Walks: Days 43 - 49

The week was a little cold, a little breezy, a little too work-oriented, but then it warmed up for a day or two, and the city was a little exciting again. Friday was beautiful. Today, we're back to blustery conditions, and it's uncomfortable to be outside. But the past week of walks did bring some excitement. Dogs were involved. I visited Bellevue Hospital. The snow melted.

On February 12, Lincoln's birthday, the color red began to announce itself, especially at night in the East Village. Nothin' but heartbreak.

Day 43 Heart Break
Day 43. Second Avenue, walking toward 2nd St. Ahead - Heartbreak Restaurant, serving German & Swiss food. Fondue.

A pleasant day for a visit to Bellevue Hospital and a stroll along the East River. Waterside Plaza has nice  views of the river, but it's a little out of the way. Getting there involves walking on a pedestrian bridge over the FDR.

Day 44 Waterside Plaza
Day 44. Waterside Plaza, view of the East River and modern Long Island City.

The dog (not shown in picture) and I took a walk to the park to check out the scene for Valentine's Day. People were actually kissing in the park (not shown in picture.)

Day 45 Washington Square
Day 45. Washington Square Park Arch. Beyond - the Empire State Building lit for
Valentine's Day. Romantic.

Madison Square Garden, an imposing structure, is undergoing an extensive $800 million renovation, inside and out.

Day 46 Madison Square Garden
Day 46. Renovations at Madison Square Garden. Inside this week- the Knicks and dogs.

Throughout the last month, I've been documenting my favorite buildings in NoHo for an upcoming post. It's hard to see from a good angle, but at 65 Bleecker Street is this ornate building by architect Louis Sullivan.

Day 47 Bayard-Condict Building
Day 47. Bayard-Condict Building, 65 Bleecker. Street. A Louis Sullivan building.

And then the snow melted. It was a surprise, even a shock, to see the bare sidewalks. The day was nice enough for al fresco dining, as seen here on the deck of Bareburger.

Day 48 LaGuardia Place
Day 48. LaGuardia Place, Village, Snow melting.

Ah, Friday. It was 65 degrees. It was fun while it lasted.

Day 49 Bleecker Street
Day 49. Hats for sale, Bleecker Street and Sullivan Street. A warm day.

Images by Walking Off the Big Apple from February 12-18, 2011. A few more in this set on Flickr WOTBA.

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