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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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Pictures from 70 Days of Walks: Days 36 - 42

The week alternated constantly between the exciting and the mundane - from watching the uprising in Egypt on social media and TV to picking up milk at the grocery store. This week's walks also veered from the sublime to the tedious, but none of them came close to cheering on those who braved walking to Tahrir Square.

Day 36 Rain Astor Place
Day 36. walk to Astor Place, sloppy rain

In New York, we are now entering the late winter where an occasional pleasant day will interrupt the exhausting winter.

Day 37 The High Line
Day 37. Observing a thaw on the High Line

Walking in the evenings afforded glimpses of the city at work. In SoHo and Tribeca, the art world still thrives in converted factories and lofts.

Day 38 New York Academy of Art/Franklin Street
Day 38. facade and windows of New York Academy of Art. Franklin Street, Tribeca.

The mural space at Houston the Bowery once managed by Deitch Projects and now operated by The Hole (run by a couple of Deitch former directors) currently houses an original spray can work by Kenny Scharf, an artist usually associated with the L.A. scene. Being that Scharf is a big name artist, his gallery, Paul Kasmin Gallery, serves as co-presenter of the work. Goldman Properties actually owns the space, but their goal is to support contemporary artists, especially of the street variety. The last work there, a mural by Shepard Fairey, was generally unloved and deconstructed by the masses. My dog found a piece of it on the ground and carried it home in her teeth.

Day 39 Kenny Scharf mural E. Houston
Day 39. Kenny Scharf mural at Houston and the Bowery.

New York was once a modern city, but with each passing year, it grows more historical. Walking to an event at the Woolworth Building, I stopped and looked around at the lights in City Hall Park. It could have been a hundred years ago.

Day 40 City Hall Park at night
Day 40. City Hall Park, night. 

Occasionally, there's a glimpse of the city of tomorrow. Look south down Wooster Street, toward the massive Art Deco Verizon Building, originally AT&T Long Line Building, at 32 Sixth Avenue, a vision worthy of Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

Day 41 Houston & Wooster
Day 41. Wooster Street, looking south from Houston.

On the day before Mubarak was rumored to resign but did not, NBC news anchor Brian Williams reported on MSNBC that the crowd in Tahrir Square resembled New Year's Eve revelers in Times Square waiting for the ball to drop. Well, the ball didn't drop that night in Tahrir Square. Mubarak resigned Friday, the day of night picture below. In my opinion, the analogy doesn't really hold up that well, except in terms of crowd size.

Day 42 Times Square, night
Day 42. Times Square, night

Images by Walking Off the Big Apple February 5 - 11, 2011. with the iPhone 4 camera and apps.

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