The Early Bird Gets the Picture of the Duck in the Fountain

From Summer 2009

Morning larks in the city enjoy a rare peace and quiet that night owls frequently miss. Early Saturday morning, while out with the dogs in Washington Square Park, the big dog became obsessed with something in the fountain. So, 'twas a duck. Make that two ducks, a Mr. and Mrs. Duck, although the male duck flew away for awhile, like guys will do in the Village, leaving Mrs. Duck to circle the fountain and occasionally quack. As more Villagers arrived in the park, the pair took flight, perhaps for the more open waters of Central Park. Night owl shutterbugs missed this photogenic moment - a picture of a duck in watery reflection within the arch, a hint of the city's most famous skyscraper beside her, the silhouette of a swan.

Image by Walking Off the Big Apple. More in a set on Flickr WOTBA.

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