Call for Entries for My Friend's Pudding Hollow Pudding Contest in Massachusetts

My good friend Tinky "Dakota" Weisblat runs the Pudding Hollow Pudding Contest every year in rural northwestern Massachusetts. Tinky was the most popular girl in my graduate school in Texas, and I liked hanging out with her because she was funny and liked to entertain. One day a whole bunch of us were sitting around her place and decided to adopt state names as our middle names. She took the best one, Dakota, and it kind of stuck. I highly recommend her book, The Pudding Hollow Cookbook, for its excellent New England recipes and for her idyllic portrait of her hill town home.

I thought I'd pass on Tinky's Pudding Contest Call for Entries to readers in the hope that the creative New York chefs among us would come up with something original and fabulous. Do read the fine print of the contest rules on the website, however, because it says there, among other things, that contestants will need to travel to Charlemont, Massachusetts for the final round on October 18. That time of year is pretty up there, so pencil in your autumn pudding getaway along the Mohawk Trail.

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Tinky's Call for Entries for her Pudding Contest

Dear Friends, Relatives, and Colleagues--It's time to think pudding! The entry deadline for this year's Pudding Hollow Pudding Contest is September 15. This may seem like a long time from now, but the summer seems to pass more quickly every year. So I'm writing now to encourage you to enter--and to spread the word to your friends. WE NEED ENTRIES! AND THE SOONER THE BETTER!!
The modest contest entry fee of $10 goes to the building fund of the Sons & Daughters of Hawley, the historical society of Hawley, Massachusetts, which is (like me) small but spunky. Any original dish that you call a pudding may be entered--sweet or savory, steamed or baked (maybe even barbecued?).
The contest offers not merely the chance to do good but to have an awfully good time. Part Julia Child, part Frank Capra, and all fun, the finals on October 18 will include lunch, entertainment, and a chance to sample pudding. What more could a lover of food, New England, or country life want?

Our web page,, offers the contest rules as well as pictures of last year's festivities and a list of last year's fabulous donors. (It will list this year's as soon as our new webmistress--that would be me--finishes the list and perfects her web-editing skills.) Please visit it and refer your friends to it! And if you or they have any questions, do get in touch with me.
Please, please help spread the word.............
Yours in good food,
Tinky "Dakota" Weisblat
for the Sons & Daughters of Hawley
84 Middle Road
Hawley, MA 01339
Image: Google map of Charlemont, Massachusetts, home of the annual Pudding Hollow Pudding Contest.

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