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Central Park: Mapping Walks from Day 1 in the Park

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I plan to return to Central Park today but shift my attention northward to the areas around 86th Street. I mapped out the walks from yesterday - the walk near 72nd St. to the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain and then the walk to the zoo and to the Pond, as featured here. Noted, too, is the excellent Wifi spot under the arbor, as well as additional Wifi spots in Sheep Meadow and the area near Columbus Circle at the Maine Monument. I tried to get online at Sheep Meadow but failed. I could have tried for a spot in the middle of the meadow and had more success.

Sheep Meadow would be fun if there were actual sheep grazing. The photo I took doesn't do justice to the wide angle scene and expanse of so many people sleeping and sunbathing in Central Park.

For those longing to spend a few hours in Central Park, I recommend bringing bottled water and something to eat if you're not keen on hot dogs and ice cream. (I'll get more into dining options in another post, but dining inside the Met Museum or in the American Museum of Natural History is a real option.) Buy the Central Park Conservancy's map at one of the Visitor Center locations. I got mine at the Dairy Visitor Center and Gift Shop.

Also, wearing layers of clothing helps with the transitions from cooler forested parts of the park to the wide open spaces like the Sheep Meadow. There, it's possible to take off even more clothes. Please don't wear a black cocktail dress and high heels while walking through the park on a spring morning, because it freaks me out. I'll explain in an upcoming post.

More images from Central Park walk at Flickr.

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