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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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WOTBA's Walking News Digest: Walking Off the Tribeca Fim Festival, Walking on Concrete at the Olympics, and Other Stories

The first news item is from Walking Off the Big Apple.

Blogger Walks 15,246 Steps on First Day of Tribeca Film Festival
While walking from my apartment and back to attend two film screenings and one reception on the first day of the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday, I walked 6.73 miles, 15,246 steps, and burned 461 calories, according to my Omron pedometer. Wow! Audience applause, please! Entrepreneurial weight-loss gurus should look into opening film fat camps around the country.

The UK's Superiority in Walking Culture
The UK, once again, shows up other parts of the world when it comes to walking appreciation. This article describes a 16-day walking celebration, one longer than the film festival I'm attending (but theirs doesn't include Lou "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" Reed) and features a veritable cornucopia of themed events including tight-rope walking and stilt walking." (Travel Connect website, UK)

Walking Tour of Norwich, England's Architecture
Here, again, advantage UK with a walking tour to explore the attractive architecture of Norwich. (BBc, UK)

Everything A British Woman Spending Euros for Walking Could Need
Not only do the people of the UK know where to walk (Norwich) and how (stilts, tight-ropes, and regular), they're given all sorts of advice about shoes and pedometers, etc., in their newspapers.

Walking on stilts
This story comes from Blissfield, Michigan – "A Blissfield man plans to walk 830 miles on stilts this summer to support United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan (UCP). During the eight weeks of May and June, Neil Sauter, who has mild cerebral palsy, will cross the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan, sharing his story and encouraging others to support UCP’s disability advocacy." That's pretty amazing! Finally, a good walking story from this side of the pond. (The Daily Telegram, Adrian. MI.)

The Beijing Race-Walking Course is Made out of Concrete
Olympic race-walkers complain that the new walking course in Beijing is too hard, literally. Most would prefer asphalt. The Beijing Olympics has all sorts of issues. Add this one. (AFP)

AHA's Start (Exclamation Mark) Walking Day
I gathered many stories on The American Heart Association's National Start! Walking Day. The numbers of participants varied from place to place. According to WCTV in Florida, "Dozens of folks in Tallahassee are participating in the rally, walking around Remington Green Circle." Dozens! Count 'em! (WCTV, Tallahassee)

Brooklyn Poet Waxes Poetic About Walking
Brooklyn-based poet Edward Hirsch elegantly explains the relationship between writing and walking in an essay for The Washington Post. Truly nice, and nothing for me to make to make fun of, darn it. (Washington Post)

Image: shoe repair sign, outside of shoe repair store, University Place, New York, New York, and near venues for the Tribeca Film Festival. They know how to cash in, don't they?


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    You mentioned Norwich,I live close by lol, I enjoy your walks around New York Immensley

  2. A great Blog. I'm a New York wanna-be but have to settle for a crammed full 2 weeks each year. Love to do the unusual things and look for them all year in various places. Your blog will help me.


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