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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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Now Showing at the Tribeca Film Festival: Guest of Cindy Sherman (clip from You Tube)

As someone who occasionally ventures forth into the strange territory known as the New York Art World, but at a very subterranean level (I am unknown to most there), I would be derelict in my duties not to point readers toward this new film. I saw this documentary today, and I believe the film brings us to a moment in social and cultural history that is so of the moment that we can barely comprehend now its full significance. I know the clip here is a big tease to see the whole movie, and I hope you will, but this moment with the radio hosts at WFMU is one I particularly enjoyed.

There's typically an impossibly long lag time between the making of a film and its final release, in this case, Guest of Cindy Sherman, but here's the archived blog post at WFMU's website from January 16, 2005 by DJ Bronwyn C. discussing the filming of their re-enactment before the cameras of the phone call (and placing the original event further back in time) in the events you see before you.

Official website

News about the film's release and Sherman's recent disclaimer from New York Magazine here.
Follow along with C's new life in the journal published here.

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