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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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Diversion: Hot Chocolate with Melting Peeps, and Easter Treats in the Big City

Everyone I've talked to agrees that Easter is too early this year. Not that we can help it. St. Patrick's Day and Easter in the same week is wrong. The presence of two parades of that magnitude in New York City in the same week is wrong.

With the winter chill still lingering, wool coat collars turned up against the wind, I'm not feeling appropriately pastel. I'm willing, nevertheless, to make the best of the situation at hand. In that spirit, I decided that nothing would be better this afternoon than a winter cup of hot chocolate with a couple of melting yellow Peeps.

It's prettier and tastier than I imagined, and the Peeps looked sweet during their final sleep of drowning chocolate death.

Edible Easter Creations in the City

In strolling about the city, I've taken note of some of the fine Easter creations of lower Manhattan's bakeries and chocolate artists. Among them (with links):

Jacques Torres (350 Hudson at King St. and285 Amsterdam Ave at 73rd St.) features chocolate-covered Peeps in milk or dark chocolate.

Duane Park Patisserie (179 Duane St.) makes pretty Easter baskets out of chocolate.

Vosges (132 Spring St.), always edgy in chocolate land, offers Easter Bunny hat boxes with caramels, 1 Red Fire Bunny, 1 Barcelona Bunny & ½ lb Bapchi's Caramel. Or go for the flying pig made out of a chocolate-bacon blend. Hmmm....

I recommend MarieBelle's Aztec Hot Chocolate for at-home science projects involving melting Peeps. 484 Broome St.

Image: melting Peeps in hot chocolate. Walking Off the Big Apple, at home in her kitchen, somewhere in the free Republic of Greenwich Village. March 18, 2008.


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