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Weekend Frivolities, Y'all: New York, Texas

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The article Texas Haute Country by Jim Atkinson in the NYT's Travel section on November 2, 2007 made me homesick. Just reading about the pleasant hamlets of Marble Falls, Fredericksburg, and Utopia turned my thoughts away from the Big Apple and south toward home (a Willie Morris reference). Back in college WOTBA had some friends who smoked something they shouldn't have in Utopia, and after their arrest and release, they printed up T-shirts for the whole gang that read "Busted in Utopia."

When I visit a Whole Foods Market in NYC, I rewind the memory tape to the original Whole Foods on Lamar Blvd. in Austin, Texas. The store was sited in a low-lying area and was prone to flooding. The atmosphere was excessively friendly. When I bought groceries there, the clerks would comment on every item and ask what I planned to do with it. This atmosphere does not prevail at the NYC locations, where the efficient check-out procedures make me feel jumpy, like I'm a competitor on a game show.

WOTBA's own contribution to New York Texas travel mania will be to now introduce you to the verdant primordial splendor of New York, Texas, featured on the map above. Population of 15, count 'em, for the 2000 census, New York, Texas could be the real estate bargain of which all New Yorkers dream.

The very existence of the New York Texas Cheesecake Co. in nearby Athens, the seat of Texas democracy, solves many of WOTBA's holiday gift-giving dilemmas.

Next up on this Weekend Frivolities Double Feature: Could there possibly be a....? Yes, Virginia, there is a Texas, New York.


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