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Weekend Frivolities Para Todos: Texas, New York

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In the previous post, I introduced you to the town of New York, Texas and its world famous New York Texas cheesecake. In this second edition of Weekend Frivolities, I point you to the existence of the hamlet of Texas, New York. Actually, Texans don't know much about hamlets other than sorry young men who get bent out of shape over family matters.

I can't get a good fix on Texas, NY, other than the eye-popping fact that apparently Texas is part of the larger town of MEXICO, NY. As someone who grew up in the once Republic of Texas, this is hard to understand.

I don't think there's much happening in terms of viable economic activity in the Texas, NY hamlet, although I've been reading that people like to flock to the nearby shores of Lake Ontario up there in Oswego County.

They need at least one roadhouse that serves some bbq and longnecks. Maybe a jukebox and some sawdust strewn on the floor. Obviously, as they are still part of Mexico, there's no mention of the Alamo in anything I've read. Near WOTBA, at least, deep in the heart of Astor Place, there's a large dark minimalist spinning cube titled "Alamo."

Here's just a smidgen of Texas-in-the-Big-Apple:

Butch Hancock's exhibit at Cue Art Foundation. Curated by Terry Allen, through December 1, 2007.

New York Texas Exes website

Hill Country Restaurant, a previous WOTBA post

That's a wrap for Weekend Frivolities. WOTBA will be back on Monday.

Remember the Alamo and to turn your clocks back one hour tonight.


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