Walking Off the Wall Street Bears: Coming Soon

Walking Off the Big Apple likes to stroll where the mood strikes her. So, upon hearing of the demise of stocks, the worsening crisis in the subprime housing market, the various markdowns, the arrival of the "Pain Threshold," as reported earlier in these pages, WOTBA will soon embark on a Walk of Fame upon the wobbly cobblestones of Wall Street. There, she will encounter her evil twin, Dagny Taggart of Atlas Shrugged fame, window shop at the new Wall Street branch of Tiffany, eat some lunch, and visit upon Lower Manhattan her uninvited commentary on the contemporary visual culture of the American economy in crisis.

Image: Little grizzly bear. Sketch by WOTBA. American Museum of Natural History.

In the meantime, there shall be a potpourri of posts.

See Walking Off the Wall Street Bears.


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