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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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Standard Time: Adjusting to Life in Greenwich Village at Night

I would describe myself as a "morning person," but with this week's return to standard time, I have become "a middle of the night person." Because of some lifelong habits, ones that stretch back to my teen years when I would get up early to read novels before school, and because I am now a grown woman with dogs, I usually get up at the crack of dawn. Now, however, with the clocks turned back, I get up in some creepy liminal space that is neither night nor day.

Do you know how bad it is for a resident of Greenwich Village to be a morning person? Seriously bad. Let me tell you. First of all, GV should now be renamed The Place Where People Come to Drink Too Much. It's not unusual for the multitudes visiting our historic bohemia to stroll and loiter on the sidewalk, especially outside our window, into the wee wee hours of the a.m., singing and cursing themselves through delirium splendors.

Second, once I am up and drinking coffee, I take the dogs out in the wee wee hours so that the dogs can wee wee. Then, we encounter The People Who Have Come to Greenwich Village to Drink Too Much. After I get home, and this is the hard part, I have to wait five hours for any stores to open down here, including the place where I buy dog food.

I'm over it. Tonight, I'm making myself stay up late so that I have a chance to sleep late in the morning. I can then join the rest of New York society. Walking at night, by the way, which I've started doing, completely changes the way I experience the city. More about that soon.

Image: I was out late last night practicing being a night person. This is ACME at 9 Great Jones St., outside the parameters of GV. A good place for down home cookin'.


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