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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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Prego y Gracias: Tosc-Mex Dining in Alphabet City

This past week I met friends for a festive birthday party at Matilda, the new Tosc-Mex place on E. 11th near Ave. C. This particular fusion is not a gimmicky trend but just the happy marriage of two chefs, one from Italy and one from Mexico. I enjoyed very much my bowl of homemade gnocchi with basil and cilantro pesto. The person seated next to me ordered the salmon with tequila, and it looked scrumptious, too. We all shared the appetizers, the highlight of the experience - guacamole served with chips and focaccia, bruschetta with a topping of Italian and Mexican ingredients, and some fruity pico de gallo. Matilda's wine list is very nice.

The decor also successfully blends the elegance of a modern Italian bistro with textures and colors I associate with Mexican architect Luis Barragan.

Matilda is located at 675 E 11th St. at Ave C. Cash only.


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