Movie Feature Dedicated to All Righteous Girlfriends of WOTBA

The following New York-themed film of the WOTBA Cinema Magique goes out to all the girlfriend readers of Walking Off the Big Apple, especially those with their own websites. You know, some readers come and go, self-interested parties will google themselves and find you and then leave you, but all the girlfriends, and this includes me, and some men, enjoy following your story all the time, with heart-felt admiration and deep appreciation, until the very end. And may that not be anytime soon.

Updates for Walking Off the Big Apple

As this website was most active 10-12 years ago, the information is now outdated. As of July 2024, I am slowly updating the more popular and useful posts. Please pay note to the dates of the posts. Updates will be marked as such.

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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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