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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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More on the 2008 Whitney Biennial Selections: The Global M.F.A.

In a previous post I noted, with jolly and jealous sarcasm, that many of the artists selected for the 2008 Whitney Biennial are in their 30s. I think it's not surprising that many are recent M.F.A.s, too. While a few Yale M.F.A.s will grace the festivities, the graduates of California art schools predominate. Most of the selected artists have embraced the international nature of the art scene, and many are already experienced in previous global biennials.

After having seen and read about some of these artists, I am impressed with their ambitions to cross traditional boundaries. As M.F.A.s, with the required courses of study, they're also clear in shaping their individual messages. I do believe that the installation and collaborative-heavy exhibition at the next Whitney Biennial should be exciting. The fact that the biennial will feature so many professionally tracked thirty-somethings with M.F.A.s and international experience does not reflect on the quality of the artwork, which is exceptional and strong, but on the need to acknowledge the academically-shaped professionalization of the contemporary artist.

All artists will some aspiration for success need to look hard at what's on their resume.


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