Happy Thanksgiving: A Warm Day in NYC, The NYT Adds WOTBA to the City Room, and Texas Caviar

Greetings to all on this Thanksgiving Day in New York City.

What a fine and weirdly warm bright morning it is here in the Big Apple! Crowds have gathered along Central Park West and Broadway, Wall Street is thankfully taking a day off, and at 4 p.m. yesterday the august New York Times added Walking Off the Big Apple to their City Room blogroll. A parade is in order, don't you think?

Seriously, I am thrilled that The New York Times added Walking Off the Big Apple to their pages, and especially thankful they've listed this website in the category for Listings and Resources. Here, WOTBA joins the prestigious New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Library, and the Queens Library. So exciting! I feel suddenly so bibliographic! Start spreading the news!

I'll be joining friends in the Tribeca neighborhood for the holiday feast today. I'm bringing Texas Caviar, a zesty and spicy concoction of marinated black-eyed peas.

I hope to enjoy the calorie blowout. I'll walk it off tomorrow. See you then.

Image: New Walking Off the Big Apple boots for the holiday magic.


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Ha! Texas Caviar! That's a new one. I've never heard about it. Love it. Thanks for sharing ^-^

  2. Hi Monika,
    You're welcome! And thanks for reading so much of the WOTBA back pages. Teri


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