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Birds of Inwood - Visit Teri's new blog about birds!
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Editorial for Blog Action Day

I was so scared when I saw An Inconvenient Truth that I changed my prodigal ways. Today, Walking Off the Big Apple is participating in Blog Action Day, an event that challenges 15,000 or more people who are in a similar line of work to write posts about the environment.

New York City will be in enormous trouble should the prevailing tide of climate change continue. I mean that literally. With the rise in sea levels, a strong storm surge would devastate many of the low-lying residential areas. Lower Manhattan would suffer enormous consequences but also parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island would be affected.

The warmer weather we've experienced here over the past few years is also likely to continue. Warm weather leads to more smog, pollution, and the likelihood of disease and asthma. I could get really sick just walking around.

The economic impact of climate change would be serious. All the plans for new uses of the waterfront for housing and recreation would be a no-starter with the risk of flooding.

Tourism, a major source of New York City revenue, would drop off considerably. I mean, who would want to skate in Rockefeller Center during the holidays if it's going to be 80 degrees? And who would even want all our beautiful fall clothes?

WOTBA believes that walking, instead of driving a car, can help fight climate change and the obesity epidemic at the same time. My carbon footprint is much much smaller now than when I was a chubby little Texas girl driving around a big Jeep.

See the website of the Climate Change Information Resources for the New York Metropolitan Region here:

The Mayor's Office came up with a plan to help make the city sustainable over the next 25 years, and we're all arguing over some of its parts. The city is additionally challenged by the prospect of one million people moving to the boroughs. (On top of the extra seven million people the city wants to attract as annual tourists.) As Kermit says, "It's not easy being green." See the Plan NYC 2030 here.


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