November 19, 2007

Dining in the District: Support Restaurants During the Strike

Now that the talks between the Broadway stagehands and producers have broken down again (NYT), it's important to consider the consequences of the strike beyond the dark theaters. The restaurants in the theater district are facing a serious decline in patronage. Everyone should know by now that the restaurant business is a precarious one, so the prospects of losing traffic during the strike affects restaurant owners and their staffs.

The website for NYC & Company lists good ideas for alternative events, and importantly word of the Dining in the District program. Through November 25 (with the exception of Thanksgiving Day), many of the area's most celebrated dining establishments are offering 15% off lunch and/or dinner. You'll find a PDF of the participating restaurants at the NYC & Co. site. So if you're making lunch or dinner plans, think about supporting the restaurants in the theater district. This presumes, of course, that you are actually in NYC and are hungry.

I like to eat out, having discovered that everyone cooks better than me.

Image: In Times Square, last spring (I think).

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