September 13, 2007

Back-to-School Art Supplies Walk

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Want to draw or paint but need something to draw or paint with? Visit three New York art supply dealers, see some architecture, important cultural landmarks, and find places to sit, draw, and eat on this self-guided tour.
I'd rather spend my money in art stores than in clothing boutiques, because I can always find something beautiful, affordable, and a good fit for me. That said, I have bought more supplies than I need - handmade pastel chalks, empty sketchbooks, watersoluble ink pencils, watersoluble color crayons, variously hued chalk pastels, graphite pencils, etc. I like to look at them all, and I enjoy imagining that I will make beautiful drawings very soon.

For details of the tour, please enlarge the map.

See also Drawing Sessions: The Walk-in Ateliers of New York.

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