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Walk and Draw: A Back-to-School Special

On this bright clear morning, Walking Off the Big Apple almost collided with several cell-phone-toting undergrads, and I realized all too clearly the implications of this annual fall invasion. The lines at Pinkberry on Spring Street will now be near impossible, and finding a vacant, or at least quiet, table at a nearby cafe will be a joke. Otherwise, I welcome the purple people eaters from NYU and am here to help them navigate the exciting streets of the big city.

Now that Labor Day weekend is over, the city woke up this morning to a quicker pace. It's Back to Work for a lot of people, as well as Back to School, and so the happy-go-luckiness of the summer has rapidly given way to the career-minded anxiety of autumn's potential failure.

Thinking of these undergraduates and their blossoming hopes, the time when it is still possible to talk in terms of one's potential, I am reminded that we all can go back to school at whatever age. I myself have taken advantage of both formal and informal continuing art instruction in the past year, prolonging even more the spirit of my near record-setting tenure as a graduate student.

My particular bent is for drawing classes. I enjoy drawing, but I am afraid that I will end up drawing stick figures. Fortunately, I can take advantage of the several options here in NYC:

Continuing Education. Almost all the colleges in NYC have art classes for adults. I've enjoyed the ones at Cooper Union, especially Drawing on Location and Portrait Drawing.

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. I can't begin to tell you how fun it is to drink and draw burlesque queens at a bar in Williamsburg. You MUST go, even if you can only draw stick figures.

Spring Street Studio. I plan to start attending this well-known studio, as the studio features life drawing sessions all the live-long day. They didn't even shut down for the Labor Day weekend. They stop for no one.

Animal Drawing at the American Museum of Natural History. At the end of September, the museum is offering drawing classes based on their vast collection of animals both extinct and alive. I have a fondness for the animals that remind me of my dogs.

I will devote several posts this week to Back-to-School (especially Back to ART School) topics.


  1. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Thanks for all this info! I'm bookmarking like crazy. I hope my younger daughter will go to one of these drawing sessions one day. She'll need a guide and translator: Me! Excellent. I will have a map in my pocket.


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