New York Parks and Public Spaces

Central Park, summer, Sheep Meadow
from the post The Island Holiday: Picturesque Scene from a New York City Vacation  

Battery Park

Promenades and Esplanades of Battery Park and Battery Park City (Slideshow and Map)

Brooklyn Bridge Park

A Walk in Willowtown to the Future Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bronx Zoo

• At the Bronx Zoo in Early Autumn

Central Park

Central Park, spring
In Central Park, a Leisurely Walk from the Pond to the Reservoir (spring)

Walks in Central Park: Find Azalea Pond, and Meet This Duck (spring)

Brief Excursions Into Central Park (autumn)

Coping With the New Arctic Normal Lessons from the Central Park Zoo (winter)

Befriending Mr. Chickadee: Winter Birding in Central Park, circa 1900

A Winter Walk in Central Park: A Slideshow and Map (winter)

Central Park, winter

Wish You Were Here: Pictures from an Autumn Walk in Central Park

For the Flâneurs: After the Museums, A Walk in Central Park

A Walk in the Ramble (May)

East River Park

East River Promenade near the Queensboro Bridge

Tentative Steps Along the East River Promenade (from E. Houston to E. 10th St.)

The East River and Roosevelt Island Walk: The East River from 86th to 59th St.

East River Waterfront Esplanade (Pier 15)

Fort Washington Park

Turn Around: An Uptown Walk to Fort Washington Park and the Little Red Lighthouse

Fort Tryon Park

Heather Garden, Fort Tryon Park

An Autumn Walk in Upper Manhattan: From The Cloisters to Audubon Park

Gramercy Park

A Guide to Gramercy Park: A Checklist, But Not a Key, & Dining Suggestions

Greenacre Park

After Walking, A Place to Sit: Greenacre Park

The High Line

An Early Evening Walk on the High Line (summer, 2012, slideshow)

Walking the Rails Above Death Avenue: High Noon for the High Line

A Vagabond's Dream: Walking the High Line

The High Line and Chelsea Market: A Good Pairing for a Walk

High Bridge

•  A Walk to the Marvelous High Bridge and its Tower

Hudson River Park

Pier with miniature golf, Tribeca section, Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park: Hitting the Long Drive: Golf and Other Pursuits on Pier 25, Hudson River Park

Inwood Hill Park

A Winter's Day Walk in Inwood Hill Park and Fort Tryon Park

Madison Square Park

After the Rain: Sights and Sounds from Madison Square Park (late spring)

New York Botanical Garden

• At the New York Botanical Garden, Visiting Frida in Early Autumn

Prospect Park

An Autumn Walk in Prospect Park: A Slideshow and Map

Riverside Park

Up by the Riverside: A Walk from 116th to 96th Street

Art and Politics in Riverside Park: From Anna Hyatt Huntington's Joan of Arc to Penelope Jencks's Eleanor Roosevelt

Roosevelt Island

FDR Four Freedoms Park: Meditations on Light, Freedom, and Architecture

Tompkins Square Park

Tompkins Square Park, East Village

An Early Morning Walk in the East Village

James J. Walker Park

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park, evening

A Typical Day and Night in Washington Square Park

Woodlawn Cemetery

A Kind of Blue: A Walk Through Woodlawn Among the Blue Hydrangeas

Zuccotti Park

Situating Zuccotti Park: The Landscape of the Wall Street Protest

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