Season's Greetings from Walking Off the Big Apple

Wishing you a very merry holiday. Thanks so much to readers old and new. Enjoy your journeys wherever you may live. - Teri

Walking Off the Big Apple will return January 3, 2011 with new strolling adventures. Image of the Washington Square Arch and tree from the evening of December 22, 2010.


Merry Christmas to you as well !! :)
Teri Tynes said…
Thanks so much, NYC, Style and a little Cannoli. Cheers to great blogging in 2011.
Monika said…
Happy and peaceful holidays.

Thanks for all the wonderful writing!
Teri Tynes said…
Hi Monika. Thanks and Happy holidays to you!
Simone-Juliette said…
Well, I'm from Holland and I wish you happy holidays too. I have your URL on one of my personal blogs. ;) Hope to come to New York in 2011. Lots of inspiration and fun for your blog in the new year! Bless you!
Teri Tynes said…
Thanks, Simone-Juliette. Hope you can visit NYC soon. Happy holidays.

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