Back from the "Hill" Country: Senator Clinton Returns to New York

Last night, Mrs. Clinton of New York (as the Times refers to her) returned from the comfort food of her base (white, working class, older voters, women) to the multicultural, diverse and educated environs of Baruch College's Vertical Campus at Lexington and 24th Street. After securing her supporters deep underground in the college's athletic center, a venue described by broadcast journalists covering the event as "weird," "unusual," and "strange," Senator Clinton thanked all her supporters and then announced she was unprepared to make any decisions. In the context of the academic setting, it was as if she refused to acknowledge the semester was over and was asking for an Incomplete.

Several months ago the clever people at Slate mashed up Reese Witherspoon's Tracy Flick character in the movie Election in order to point out the uncanny similarity between the ambitious high school politician and Hill. It's not a bad time to roll out the tape on WOTBA.

Now that the Democratic Party contest is effectively over, perhaps Senator Clinton and her supporters in New York can rest a little and enjoy events in the Big Apple. For the upcoming weekend, I recommend the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in Madison Square Park (see Daily News article), the David Byrne installation at the Battery Maritime Building (Reuters story), and the exhibit on The Horse at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH website).

"Hill" Country, as I refer to the political base for Senator Hillary Clinton, should not be confused with the New York Texas BBQ restaurant, Hill Country.


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