Walking Off the Big Apple's List of Self-Guided Walks (Updated)

Below, please find a freshly updated list of all the themed New York walks I've compiled over the last year. All are Manhattan walks, with many in the lower part of the island. I'm not Manhattan-centric; it's just where I live.

I promise to get out to other boroughs in the coming year. I often visit Brooklyn just because I like walking over the bridge, and I hope to be visiting the Bronx Bombers sometime soon to wave goodbye to Yankee Stadium.

A met a sprightly 85-year old man the other day who said he walks all day long, and as part of his rotating itinerary, he regularly hops on the ferry to walk around Staten Island. I want to do that, too. Also, now that the weather is so nice, I want to visit the Queens Botanical Garden, with its new state-of-the-art visitor's center.

• Ashcan Artists Walk to McSorley's
• Bowery 2007
• British Invasion Walk
• Chelsea and West Village
• Classic New York: A Walk, and a Map
• Cloisters Walk
• Diane Arbus & the Hotel Chelsea
• Downtown Chocolate Walk
• East 1st St. and Red Velvet Cupcakes (on E. 4th)
• Fifth Avenue and The High Road to Taos: Mabel Dodge, Georgia O'Keeffe, and New York City
• EuroCondo: 40 Bond to 40 Mercer
• Garbo Walks
• Museums: Met to MoMA
• Gramercy/Flatiron
• New York of Raymond Hood, Architect
• A Walk in NoLita
• Julian Schnabel Walk
• SoHo Shopping
• Not Like Dubya: Texas Independence Day
• Walking Off Tribeca
• Turtle Bay: Beekman Place, UN, Tudor City
• Two-Mile Walks, Mostly in Manhattan
• Walking Off the Wall Street Bears


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