I Left My Blog on the Elevator This Morning

Just kidding. But, today WOTBA (Walking Off the Big Apple) finds herself in need of tidying her spaces, both the physical environment in which she lives and the cyberspace that she increasingly inhabits. The new duvet cover is upon the master bed, the bottles of absinthe are neatly lined up for target practice later, and the books are now arranged according to the Dewey decimal system.

I am spending some time today moving around images and lists on this website. Frequent readers know that I like to re-arrange items. Let me explain a bit about what's here. Along the sidebar you'll first encounter self-guided tours of the city. Next, you'll see the WOTBA agenda for the month. This is my ToDo list, but I don't get around to everything. Who does? Next, there's a relatively new feature - the Cinema Magique. I will soon add some moving images back to this list, like the P. Diddy video I love so much.

Continuing, the feature titled Favorites of Walking Off the Big Apple provides links to fascinating or useful websites. Then, there's an image of a dog skull that I drew at the AMNH. I guess the rest is self-explanatory except for the story, I Choose Flâneuse. That's the founding legend of the New York Branch of La Sociéte des Flâneurs Sans Frontieres. The busiest branch of SFSF is located in Liverpool at The Flâneur website. The story here features three of the fairies that Shakespeare included in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and WOTBA thinks they're real. Titania reminds her of Janis Joplin.

If you are new to this site, I welcome you. You have walked into the definitive outsider's guide to New York City. My name is Teri. I am a flâneuse. This is my card.


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